Cocktail Glassware

Cocktail Glassware
There's something about having special glasses to drink your cocktails out of that adds to the whole cocktail experience.

There's the martini glasses, margarita glasses, highballs, collins glass, just so many to choose from and they all come in lots of different designs.

Let's start with a few martini glasses.   I usually go with clear glass martini glasses as I make lots of cool looking cocktails to serve in these glasses and I want people to see the different colors.

However if I was using these to make traditional martinis and cocktails that didn't have the wow factor as far as looks go I would certainly add some interest with colored glass or patterns on the glass.

The next glass I think is important is the highball glass, perfect for Blue Lagoons and the like, but while you're looking at highballs you should also consider old fashioned glasses.   I brought my old fashioned (or rocks) glasses and highball (or collins) glasses to match, but that's just me.

Once you have martini glasses, old fashioned and highball glasses then apart from some red wine and white wine glasses and pilsner and/or stein glasses you actually have enough glassware for a good cocktail bar. A lot of people do like to add margarita glasses to their glassware though and I must admit I do like having them, although for the very first few cocktail parties I hosted our margaritas were served in martini glasses and no on really seemed to care.

Of course if you're going to have a margarita glass on hand then you'll probably be interested in hurricane glasses - I actually got a set of these before I got a margarita glass because I thought a lot of the cocktails I like to serve would look good in them, especially my Snowballs.

Cocktail Glassware, perfect for throwing a cocktail party or just for a couple of drinks at home

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