Cocktail Party Invitations

Great Cocktail Party Invitations to Buy

Great selection of cocktail party invitations that you are bound to love.
When you're throwing a cocktail party one of the things you have to do is invite people! I think cocktail parties are pretty special so cocktail party invitations are a must in my book. If I'm throwing a barbie or hosting a footy game then I'll email, text or phone but for one of my special cocktail parties I start off with a gorgeous, fun or funky cocktail party invitation.

I have found some fantastic cocktail party invitations on Zazzle (a print on demand company) that also have matching custom cocktail postage stamps and I've listed them first.

There are so many different invitations to choose from that there is bound to be at least one which you fall in love with. Not only do I have general cocktail party invitations, but I've also included martini party invitations and margarita party invitations for you to browse through.

Match Your Cocktail Invitation with Custom Postage Stamps

If you've seen my cocktails inspired custom postage stamps then here you can find the cards to match some of those gorgeous postage stamps. If you've just found me on this page then be sure to pop over to Custom Cocktail Postage Stamps to grab matching stamps for this section of cocktail invitations.

Cocktail Party Invitations

There are a selection of beautiful cocktail party invitations to choose from and some of them come with their own co-ordinating envelopes which really do set a great standard before you've even got the party started!

Martini Party Invitations

There are lots of different types of cocktail parties around and the most sophisticated of them seems to be the martini party. Martini parties can be themed - James Bond is very popular, or just black tie, for more ideas on holding the best martini party check out the appropriately named - How to Throw a Martini Party!

Margarita Party Invitations

Margarita parties are especially good in the summer when you can have frozen margaritas on offer. I love combining pool parties with margaritas - sun, just screams 'Margarita Time'!!

Throwing Your Cocktail Party

Once the cocktail invitations are in the mail it's time to organize your cocktail party.......and decide what type of cocktail party you want to have -

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Great selection of custom cocktail party invitations.

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